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Speed Running Guides

Jason Lynch <> (Aexoden)


This page contains guides or notes on completing various categories of Final Fantasy IV speed runs.

Full Run Guides

These guides were originally written primarily as notes for me to use during my own runs. As such, they are biased toward strategies I use in my runs and may be suboptimal, incomplete, or both. In addition, several techniques used in the run (e.g. item duplication and Mist Clip) are not fully explained. Once you are familiar with the run, they should be useful during runs as a reference or as a useful base for your own notes. The NoCW guide uses the safer 12 item route. (I originally claimed it was also slower, but the_roth claims it's actually faster and who am I to argue with the world record holder...). Later in the page you will find links to the_roth's notes.


The following guides cover smaller topics and are useful for learning useful techniques. Feel free to suggest topics. The general idea is to have concise guides covering topics that were previously only covered in obscure places or in long tutorial videos.

Other Resources

The following links are potentially useful resources for learning to speed run the game. They are all not necessarily up-to-date or completely correct, but useful information can nonetheless be gleaned from all of them.




Myself086's Resources


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