Final Fantasy IV Information
Any% Yes64 Seed 248 Step Route

Jason Lynch <> (Aexoden)

Route Information

Final Fantasy IV Any% Yes64 (version 6)
Spoony Version
Route Source
Route Time
1226.463s (saves 87.004s)
Route Encounters
50 (saves 18 encounters)
Maximum Steps
Optional Steps
Extra Steps

Route Summary

This summary should include all critical information needed to follow the route. If you have any problems with it, please contact me.

WARNING: This route takes extra steps during the second visit to Toroia. As entering the "extra steps area" counts as one step, your total number of extra steps should be one greater than listed by the route. For more details and a graphical representation, please see the tutorial.

Route Details

World Map (Mist)
World Map (Kaipo)
World Map (Kaipo)
  Step  20: 1 / SandWorm x1 (6.741s)
  Step  28: 2 / Imp x4 (6.657s)
Watery Pass-South B1F
Watery Pass-South B2F
  Step   5: 3 / Pike x3 (7.082s)
  Step   8: 4 / EvilShel x3, WaterBug x1 (7.059s)
  Step  40: 5 / Pike x3 (7.082s)
  Step  58: 6 / Pike x3 (7.082s)
  Step  72: 7 / EvilShel x3, WaterBug x1 (7.059s)
Watery Pass-South Save Room
  Extra Steps: 10
Watery Pass-South B2F
Watery Pass-South B3F
  Step  27: 8 / Jelly x4 (7.261s)
Watery Pass-North B2F
Watery Pass-North B1F
  Step  18: 9 / CaveToad x4 (7.144s)
World Map (Kaipo)
Waterfalls B1F
  Extra Steps: 50
Waterfalls B2F
  Step  40: 10 / Aligator x1, Pike x2 (7.227s)
Waterfalls Lake
  Step  27: 11 / Zombie x6 (7.455s)
Battle: Octomamm
Waterfalls Lake
World Map (Kaipo)
World Map (Damcyan)
  Optional Steps: 1
  Extra Steps: 34
Antlion B1F
  Step  29: 12 / Imp x3, Imp Cap. x1 (6.829s)
Antlion B2F Inward Direct
  Antlion B2F
Antlion's Nest
Battle: Antlion
Antlion's Nest
  Step   7: 13 / Weeper x1, Turtle x1, Basilisk x1 (7.281s)
Antlion B2F Outward Direct
  Antlion B2F
    Step  25: 14 / Weeper x2 (7.114s)
    Step  37: 15 / Turtle x2 (7.440s)
    Step  39: 16 / Basilisk x1, Turtle x1 (7.088s)
    Step  68: 17 / Basilisk x1, Imp x3 (6.832s)
Antlion B1F
  Step   9: 18 / Turtle x1, Imp x2 (7.056s)
  Step  35: 19 / Imp x3, Imp Cap. x1 (6.829s)
Kaipo Revisited
  Step  18: 20 / Spirit x2 (7.971s)
Mt.Hobs Summit
  Step   8: 21 / Skelton x4 (8.058s)
  Step  10: 22 / Spirit x2 (7.971s)
Battle: MomBomb
Mt.Hobs Summit
World Map (Fabul)
  Step  21: 23 / Imp Cap. x3, Needler x1 (7.869s)
  Step  54: 24 / Imp Cap. x4, Imp x2 (8.340s)
  Optional Steps: 10
  Extra Steps: 44
World Map (Fabul)
Fabul Boat and Leviatan
World Map (Mysidia)
World Map (Mysidia)
World Map (Mt.Ordeals)
  Step  82: 25 / Raven x1 (7.843s)
  Step   5: 26 / Spirit x3, Skelton x2, Red Bone x1 (9.207s)
  Step  13: 27 / Soul x2, Red Bone x2 (9.103s)
Mt.Ordeals-3rd station
  Step  17: 28 / Revenant x1, Ghoul x3 (8.550s)
Mt.Ordeals-7th station
  Step  13: 29 / Lilith x1, Red Bone x2 (8.488s)
  Step  18: 30 / Lilith x1 (8.215s)
Mt.Ordeals Summit
  Optional Steps: 1
  Step  17: 31 / Lilith x1, Red Bone x2 (8.488s)
Battle: Milon and Milon Z
Mt.Ordeals Summit
Mt.Ordeals Summit
  Optional Steps: 1
  Step   4: 32 / Lilith x1 (8.215s)
Mt.Ordeals-7th station
Mt.Ordeals-3rd station
  Step   7: 33 / Ghoul x2, Soul x2 (9.136s)
  Step  29: 34 / Spirit x3, Soul x1 (8.713s)
World Map (Mt.Ordeals)
Take Chocobo to Mysidia
Serpent Road
Old Water-way
  Step  27: 35 / Piranha x2, FangShel x1, EvilShel x1 (9.248s)
Castle Baron B3F
  Step  35: 36 / AquaWorm x1, ElecFish x3 (9.524s)
Castle Baron B2F
  Step  14: 37 / Guard x2 (8.264s)
Castle Baron B1F Inward Save Room Steps
  Castle Baron B1F
  Castle Baron B1F Save Room
    Extra Steps: 42
  Castle Baron B1F
Castle Baron
Battle: Kainazzo
World Map (Toroia)
Toroian Castle
  Optional Steps: 3
  Extra Steps: 20
World Map (Toroia)
  Optional Steps: 0
  Step  20: 38 / Cannibal x1, Treant x2 (8.763s)
Black Chocobo to Cave Magnes
World Map (Toroia)
Cave Magnes B1F
  Step  14: 39 / Panther x1, StingRat x3 (9.100s)
  Step  16: 40 / Ogre x2 (8.324s)
  Step  36: 41 / Python x1, StingRat x2 (8.706s)
Cave Magnes B2F
Cave Magnes B3F Inward Save Room Steps
  Cave Magnes B3F
  Cave Magnes B3F Save Room
    Extra Steps: 22
  Cave Magnes B3F
    Step  63: 42 / Ogre x3 (8.709s)
Cave Magnes B3F Room
Cave Magnes B4F Inward Direct
  Cave Magnes B4F
    Step  23: 43 / VampGirl x1, Cave Bat x3 (9.755s)
    Step  29: 44 / Panther x2, Ogre x1, CaveNaga x1 (9.229s)
Battle: Dark Elf
World Map (Toroia)
Black Chocobo to Toroia
World Map (Toroia)
Toroian Castle 1F Inward Extra Steps Area Steps
  Toroian Castle 1F
    Optional Steps: 3
World Map (Toroia)
  Optional Steps: 2
Tower of Zot 1F
  Step  38: 45 / Slime x4 (8.162s)
Tower of Zot 2F
  Step   5: 46 / Centaur x3 (8.253s)
  Step  53: 47 / Centaur x3 (8.253s)
  Step  60: 48 / Ice Liz x1, Slime x3 (10.176s)
Tower of Zot 3F
Tower of Zot 4F
  Step  53: 49 / Slime x4 (8.162s)
  Step  56: 50 / Centaur x2, IceBeast x2 (9.608s)
Tower of Zot 5F
Battle: Magus Sisters
Tower of Zot 5F
Tower of Zot 6F
Battle: Valvalis
Castle Baron
Fly to Agart
World Map (Agart)
Underworld Map (Castle of Dwarves)